Saturday, April 5, 2014

200 Rabbits Being Rescued from Hoarding Case

So often it is someone who goes to purchase a bunny that discovers a bad hoarding situation with rabbits in bad health and terrible conditions.  This happened this week when apparently a rabbit breeder was reported to officials in West Viginia.  "Harrison County Humane Officer Lieutenant Greg Scolapio and animal control officers seized about half of nearly 200 rabbits from a residence in the Rock Camp area of Wallace on Friday.
"The rabbits were being kept in deplorable conditions, cages that hadn't been cleaned for months, with an accumulation of feces and urine in all the cages," said Scolapio."  Photo of Humane Officer Scolapio on right with one of the rabbits. See news article at WBoy.Channel 12 news. Thanks to Officer Scolapio and his team for taking on this challenging rabbit rescue operation.