Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some Communities Get it Right on "Easter Animal Sales"

Take for instance San Antonio . . . Animal Care Services is reminding residents the sale of baby animals as holiday novelties is illegal. The ordinance says it is illegal for any person to sell or offer for sale, barter, lease, rent or give away baby chicks or ducklings or rabbits less than eight weeks old as pets or novelties.

Fortunately, San Antonio included the dyeing or staining of baby chicks, ducklings, or rabbits in their city ordinance, as is even possessing animals that have been colored in this way. They also restrict the sale of animals on any roadside, public right of way, commercial parking lot or at any flea market or festival.

Unfortunately, not all cities and towns adopt humane ordinances and continue to allow these practices. In sharp contrast to San Antonio, I read a story on KTVI in St. Louis recently.  This community has brightly colored chicks available in locations such as Home Stores and Dickey Bub Farm.

Even if the dyes used are non-toxic the colored chicks, ducklings and rabbits look like brightly colored toys instead of creatures that need veterinary visits, daily care and a safe environment. Adult animals are disposed of after the newness wears off with the color because they are no longer "cute." For instance, rabbits can become aggressive and spray urine when they hit puberty in 4 to 6 months if they are not neutered or spayed. Most people don't realize  rabbits can live to ten years old and those baby chicks can have a lifespan of 26 years.

More communities should consider what San Antonio has done and pass ordinances to make selling baby animals as holiday novelties illegal.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rabbit Hopping Part of Easter Celebration in Prague

NBC News featured the photo below of people watching rabbit hopping at the traditional Easter market of the Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic, on Monday.

Comic Relief: Toy Bunny Poops Jelly Beans

After my last blog post about all the fancy chocolate rabbits available online, my sister sends me this -- "Funny Bunny: He walks and poops jelly beans" available on Amazon. Perhaps this is much needed comic relief. After all, Funny Bunny could be a teaching moment about rabbit digestive systems.  Obviously, this rabbit only eliminates the dry variety of fecal matter represented by the jelly beans.  If something representing cecotrophes were part of this toy, Funny Bunny would be a mess because he doesn't look bendable enough to eat them.

Make Mine Chocolate - A List of Chocolate Rabbits Online

It looks like Rescue Chocolate is sold out!  Rescue Chocolate partnered with the House Rabbit Society  to promote “Make Mine Chocolate,” a campaign that encourages the purchase of chocolate bunnies for Easter rather than live rabbits. It seems a lot of people did just that with a successful campaign. With only a few days left to fill an Easter Basket with a chocolate bunny instead of a live rabbit, there are still plenty of options. Chocolate rabbits are lined up in grocery stores right now and there are still a few online.  I have put together a list of some of the more interesting chocolate rabbits available online below:

Harry & David get the prize for the longest ears. 
Christopher Norman Chocolates has lively hand-painted truffles.

Conrads Candy 26 inch Tall Bunny & will set you back well over $150.

Burdick Chocolate - Truffles for White Chocolate fans
Harbor Sweets with Dark & Milk Chocolate Bunnies
Moonstruck Chocolates has truffle bunnies with heart shaped noses. 
Lake Champlain Chocolates and their Car Crazy Easter Rabbit
Godiva goes Traditional with a Milk Chocolate Rabbit & Lots of Baskets

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Noah Star Tweets About Her Bunny

I love it when celebrity actors show us their bunnies on twitter like Emma Watson this past week:  "Florence the bunny rabbit is helping me get ready today! - x "

200 Rabbits Being Rescued from Hoarding Case

So often it is someone who goes to purchase a bunny that discovers a bad hoarding situation with rabbits in bad health and terrible conditions.  This happened this week when apparently a rabbit breeder was reported to officials in West Viginia.  "Harrison County Humane Officer Lieutenant Greg Scolapio and animal control officers seized about half of nearly 200 rabbits from a residence in the Rock Camp area of Wallace on Friday.
"The rabbits were being kept in deplorable conditions, cages that hadn't been cleaned for months, with an accumulation of feces and urine in all the cages," said Scolapio."  Photo of Humane Officer Scolapio on right with one of the rabbits. See news article at WBoy.Channel 12 news. Thanks to Officer Scolapio and his team for taking on this challenging rabbit rescue operation.

Prevent Hare Loss this Easter!

Once again it's time to Prevent Hare Loss at Easter.  I do this every year trying to help get the word out.  Anyone can go to the website and download photos, see the press release and find out about rabbits as companions at this LINK.

The Art of the Rabbit

Rabbits are not only wonderful companions, they also make personality filled subjects for art.  Occasionally I stumble upon an artist who captures the pure "bunnyness" of these animals.  This daily painter, Elizabeth Barrett, who had a few bunny paintings on her Ebay auction is one of those.  Check out the rest of her art at this LINK.