Sunday, February 9, 2014

In UK a Family of Rabbits Rewrites History Books

Land’s End one of the UK's most popular tourist attractions and even more so because of newly discovered archaeological finds from the Bronze Age. The irony is that it wasn't university trained archaeologists who brought the artifacts to light.  It was Oryctolagus cuniculus better known as the European Rabbit - the wild version of all our domesticated rabbits.

The bunnies were starting a new warren at the site last year and began digging up things that were similar to ancient human tools.  It turns out the objects dated back about 5,000 years and the dig revealed a grave, burial mounds, a hill fort and other treasures.  The human archaelogists called it a "goldmine" and "one of the most important archaeological finds ever uncovered in Cornwall."  (Photo: a domesticated rabbit, Bungee, doing what he does best - starting a backyard warren.)