Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ten New Year's Rabbit Resolutions

  1. Make that yearly vet appointment now and have your rabbit examined from ear to end.
  2. Resolve to provide more living space for your rabbit so it can take a few hops, stretch out completely and stand up in a cage or pen. Then be sure the rabbit has time outside the cage or pen to run, jump and simply be a rabbit. Rabbits need exercise.
  3. Record identifying information on your rabbit including a photo. If you have a hutch rabbit or a rabbit who spends time outside, make sure the bunny is micro-chipped by a veterinarian.
  4. Spay or neuter your rabbit. Every year that goes by for a female rabbit may mean she is closer to being in the 85% of female rabbits who develop uterine cancer. Neutered males will be calmer and less aggressive, too.
  5. Resolve to give your rabbit good nutrition including a constant supply of timothy or grass hay.
  6. Take time to learn how to check your rabbit for medical problems, and how to clip growing nails. Check for lumps and bumps, be sure ears and eyes are clear and the rabbit's bottom is dry and clean. Check once a month to see if your rabbit's nails need to be clipped.
  7. Promise to keep the treats to a minimum (despite the begging). Obesity is the number one cause of rabbit medical problems reported by veterinarians.
  8. Remember to change the litter box often and clean out the rabbit's living quarters, too. Rabbits are happier and healthier with good hygiene in their living space.
  9. Bunny proof your home so exercise time outside a pen or cage does not become an "electrifying" experience for the rabbit. Make sure all wires and other "chewables" are covered and out of the way of curious rabbits.
  10. Resolve to spend more time with your pet rabbit and if you have a single rabbit, perhaps this is the year to match him or her up with a (neutered or spayed) bunny friend.
Hopperhome Wishes You A Very Hoppy New Year!

Hoppy New Year

Artist Will Bullas has some "hare"larious prints that seem to fit New Year's Eve and you can see these and the other punny animals at his website www.willbullas.com
Even My Hare Hurts

Hare of the Dog
The Party Animal

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rabbit "Super Models" During the Holidays

  Tips to Snap a Holiday Photo
of Your Bunny
You may want to have your rabbit in a Holiday card photo or take a pets/people portrait for the holidays yourself. Here are a few pointers:
  • Go to an experienced Pet Photographer
  • Make sure the photographer has the shot all set-up with all the props, etc. before the rabbit goes into the picture
  • Be sure your rabbit has several minutes to get used to the area
  • No tight clothing props attached to your bunny
  • Make sure the floor isn't slick so the rabbit has some footing if the he/she won't be posed in your lap
  • No hot lights until it is necessary (if at all)
  • Better yet take the photo at home with a timer yourself
  • Try taking the photo in natural light near a window instead of using flash, and if you do use flash, use the red-eye reduction feature on your camera
  • Check your background and make sure it isn't too busy and detracts from your subject
  • Get down at the rabbit's level to get the shot and that may mean sitting or laying on the floor
  • Have a bunny "wrangler" to help who is familiar with your rabbit and can distract the bunny with toys or a treat
  • If you have a digital camera, take as many photos as you want.  You will find one that captures your rabbit's personality!
  • Make sure you have plenty of time or have your camera on hand other times of the year to get a spontaneous photo 
  • Have a treat on hand for afterwards.
  • To read more: Bunny was Supermodel for a Day by Mallory Mohring at the House Rabbit Network.

Keep the Holiday Hoppy for Your Bunnies - Safety Tips

Safety Tips
Keep light cords, garland & tinsel away from chewing rabbits
Keep toxic plants out of reach like mistletoe, holly & poinsettia
Set candles where they can't be tipped over
Set fragile tree ornaments higher on the tree
Children (and adults) guests need to know the rules
of getting to know your rabbit!

A Rabbit Christmas Carol

Several years ago I had an inspired moment in the middle of the night around Christmas and wrote new lyrics for "Let it Snow" based on a true story about my rabbits. Here is the result:
Bunnies Let It Snow
  Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
        But the carrots are so delightful,
        And, since bunnies have no where to go,
        Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
      It doesn't show signs of stopping,
        The Rabbits keep on hopping;
        Eyeing the Christmas tree so low,
        Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
When everyone says goodnight,
        Rabbits chew up everything in sight,
        Shredding packages, ribbons and bows,
        Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
        The Christmas tree is falling,
        Busy bunnies keep on gnawing;
        It's good their human loves them so,
        Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Cartoon Shows Why Neuter/Spay of Rabbits is Important!

I have always had photos of my rabbits (and cats) on my desk, but when I saw this cartoon not only did I laugh outloud, it was also paws for thought. It really hits home why everyone who has rabbits should have them neutered or spayed.  The math of rabbit reproduction isn't just addition, it is multiplication!