Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Can Spook Rabbits

Tips to keep Halloween Less Frightening for Your Rabbit:
Photo Credit: Kimberly's bunnies Ginger & Cooper from California
Noise Rabbits can get spooked by strange noises anytime of the year. Just look at those ears.  They can hear what is going on outside the house.  Halloween night the door bell may ring more than usual and visiting goblins may create lots of sound effects.  Keep your rabbit away from the front door and in a quiet area.
Costumes (for people) Did you know your rabbit sees your shape first.  So if you are wearing anything that changes your basic shape, or scent and you put on an accent from Dracula's hometown, your rabbit may not even recognize you.  Speak to your rabbit normally and put on your costume after you have settled the rabbit in for the night.
Candy Those sugary treats especially chocolate should be kept away from rabbits during and after Halloween night. Give your bunny a bit of apple for a Halloween treat.
Decorations The stringy cobwebs and other filmy decorations should be kept away from rabbits. They maybe tempted to chew on them and they can cause serious digestive problems.
Candles Burning candles in jack-o-lanterns can be dangerous especially if a rabbit is hopping around in the house.  Rabbits are as curious as cats and may investigate. They can knock them over creating a fire hazard.
Pet Costumes  Not recommended, but I am guilty of placing a witch hat over those long ears.  If you want to dress up your rabbit, don't use rubber bands, ties or  too tight elastic that can constrict breathing or movement. Some rabbits will try to remove the costume especially around the neck/upper body and can become entangled.  Other rabbits may become too stressed or too warm especially if the costume is tight. After all, they are already wearing a fur coat. Take a picture and then get the bunny out of costume.