Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pink Rabbits Popping Up in Queensland

First there was a giant pink rabbit that appeared in the Italian Alps in 2005 and now in Perth Australia a street artist, Stormie Mills, has created several bubble gum pink, large bunny sculptures for the Brisbane Festival public art installation.  The number of pink rabbits and their locations are secret for now – at least until they are installed.  People in Brisbane won’t be able to miss them.  Ironically, Mills recently discovered keeping rabbits as pets in Queensland is illegal. According to one article I read, Mills said, "But that's the thing with art and projects like this – they allow you to think about things differently," he says. "So maybe through this process people might think of bunnies as less horrific – maybe they'll just go back to being cute, fluffy animals."  In photo: Brisbane Festival artistic director Noel Staunton and artist Stormie Mills with first bunny to be installed. Photo Credit: Vicki Winter