Friday, July 12, 2013

Bunnies & Beach Balls plus Adoption Day in Sacramento July 13th

An entire page of bunnies expertly photographed with beach balls caught my eye today.  And, check out those ears.  I'm pretty sure these beauties will grow into those ears and I love big bunnies. You should, too.  They are good house rabbits with sweet, calm personalities. See whole page of pics.
The great rabbit rescuers at the Sacramento House Rabbit Society will be featuring their Front Street Bunnies at their next Adoption Day (tomorrow) on July 13th.  These are rabbits who were rescued on June 9th from horrible conditions. Twenty-eight of these rabbits are at the Sacramento City Shelter and PetSmart on Arden & Watt. Many of them will be at the Fair Oaks Petco on July 13th for all of you in the Sacramento area. (See second link above for more info.)