Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rabbits Rock in Hobbit

Radagast the Brown is a fictional wizard in Tolkien's Middle-earth. The Rabbits of Rhosgobel are completely Peter Jackson's (or one of his writer's) original idea for the new Hobbit movie. I saw the movie today and the rumored sled pulled by "Rhosgobel" rabbits. Rhosgobel is fictional home of Radagast in Middle-earth. This is not a real  domesticated rabbit breed. (After all, they are much bigger than Flemish Giants and closer to a hare in speed.) In the movie Radagast provides a distraction, leading the enemy on a chase while Gandalf and the others escape.  The sled pulled by rabbits is fast enough to stay ahead of a pack of nasty looking creatures called Gundabad Wargs, ridden by the equally nasty Orcs. Since I am not a Tolkien purist, I found the wizard and his heroic speeding rabbits pretty thrilling in 3D.  I am a rabbit fan after all.  The giant rabbits reminded me of my big Japanese Harlequin breed bunny, Rosemary, who was very fast on her feet. I think if I had turned my back on her long enough she was also quite capable of digging all the way to Middle-earth.