Wednesday, July 25, 2012

French Lop Stops Traffic in UK

Another giant rabbit in the news and this rabbit turned heads after being spotted hopping down the road.
The rabbit, which is thought to be a French lop, was brought into Holly House Veterinary Centre in Knutsford, UK at about 10:00am on July 16th after wandering around near the road.  Hard to miss and good thing the motorists missed him!
Vet nurse Zoe Tompkinson described him as an affectionate, bigger than average male. I guess so. French Lops are notoriously cuddly rabbits and I have had the privilege of meeting a few over the years.
Pictured: Trainee vet Emilee De Corte at Hollyhouse Vets in Knutsford, UK and the bunny.  By the way if you are nearby in the UK and know this big boy, contact the vet. (He was found on Mobberley Road near Ashley Junction.) Photo credit: Paul Heaps.