Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet Basil Sharing Moment from SaveABunny
This looks like a tug of war instead of a "food fight."  Rabbits love sweet basil as well as other herbs like cilantro, rosemary twigs, dill, fennel, mint, tarragon and several more.  
Herbs are good treats instead of fruit especially for overweight bunnies.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gotta Love a Guy Running in a Bunny Suit
James Fairman is the best. We need more guys like him raising awareness for rabbits.  Last week on July 22nd James ran a 10K in a bunny suit to raise awareness for the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund in the UK.  The fact that he finished wearing a heavy (and I am sure suffocating rabbit suit) for the entire run would give anyone paws for thought.  But he hopped over the finish line somewhere in the middle of the herd at a respectable time.  See his website on the run at this Link
The weather here in the US this summer has been too hot in most places to walk, let alone run wearing a rabbit costume, but the rabbit suit run is a buntastic idea.  What James demonstrated so brilliantly (and with good humor) is there are many ways to get the conversation about the plight of rabbits started with the public.  Sometimes all it takes is a willingness to get out of your comfort zone and run with it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

French Lop Stops Traffic in UK

Another giant rabbit in the news and this rabbit turned heads after being spotted hopping down the road.
The rabbit, which is thought to be a French lop, was brought into Holly House Veterinary Centre in Knutsford, UK at about 10:00am on July 16th after wandering around near the road.  Hard to miss and good thing the motorists missed him!
Vet nurse Zoe Tompkinson described him as an affectionate, bigger than average male. I guess so. French Lops are notoriously cuddly rabbits and I have had the privilege of meeting a few over the years.
Pictured: Trainee vet Emilee De Corte at Hollyhouse Vets in Knutsford, UK and the bunny.  By the way if you are nearby in the UK and know this big boy, contact the vet. (He was found on Mobberley Road near Ashley Junction.) Photo credit: Paul Heaps.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Bunny Brings Joy to Family
Boomer, a Flemish Giant breed rabbit recently celebrated his fourth birthday with his human parents in high style at Café Aroma nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains. They say Boomer has been a wonderful pet for the entire family including their son, a senior at University of California Berkley, who also loves Boomer.
People often ask the couple if Boomer is "fake," since they have never seen such a large rabbit, but once they pet him and feel his soft fur and look at his animated eyes they know he is as real as can be.
"He's brought a lot of joy to us," Andy Boynton said. "Boomer's definitely different and wherever he goes Boomer makes people happy."
Read more about Boom at this Link
Reflecting on Rabbits - Window Art

The windows of the Rabbit’s Nest on Dean Avenue, in Rome, Georgia features two-dimensional images of rabbits intertwined with ABCs and 123s were brought to life by Holly Cothran’s brush.

Read more and see a slide show of her painting the windows at : - Cothran makes window art for local businesses

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bonding Bunnies:  A Year Long Lesson in Patience

When people email me about bonding their rabbits, I try to give them all the information I can about my personal experiences with bonding rabbits and one important word:  Patience.  In the last year I learned the true meaning of patience when it comes to bonding rabbits.  In fact, I was beginning to think maybe I had met my match (matches) on patience.  Enter Pansy and Sweetie. 
Read their story at this link: Bonding Rabbits.  Includes some trivia about rabbits and bonding plus a list of resources. By the way, this story has a "hoppy" ending as you can see by the photo on the right, but it took a long time to get there.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Remember to keep your rabbits secure and inside the house. A rabbit's hearing is far more sensitive than a human's hearing. The sound of a radio or TV can help mute the sound of fireworks. My bunnies like a little classical music even when it sounds like a bombing range outside. Be sure fireworks don't pop off outside the room where the rabbit is housed. If you are going to be gone for the evening move your rabbits to the most quiet room in the house if possible.  If your rabbits are housed outdoors, move them inside the house or at least into the garage for the holiday.