Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three R's Could Include Rabbit

In the UK, a vet from Kent would like a fourth R on the curriculum for kids, i.e. Rabbits.  Celebrity vet, Matt Brash would like animal welfare taught in schools concerning such things as how to look after companion animals.  He feels it would help reduce animals being abandoned. According to a recent article in Kent Online, Matt thinks there are ways to incorporate these concepts into lessons.  As he noted, "Math, for example: if you have a male rat and a female rat, how many baby rats are you going to have within a few weeks?"  That would be something to substitute with rabbits and then the lesson could include Fibonacci Series.  Apparently, the vet is not the only one who is interested in adding animal welfare to the curriculum.  According to the article, "New research published today by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association shows 87% of those questioned in Kent and surrounding areas thought it was important to teach pet welfare at school."