Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bunnies Get Good Press this Spring

There has been a lot of good press about bunnies this Easter. Even though I cringe at the thought of the bunny abandonment aftermath of the Easter holiday, I do enjoy reading about all the great work rescuers are doing to prevent it. Huffington Post has published several educational articles on the issue in the run up to Easter as well as Time Magazine and many local newspapers nationwide. It feels like the media did more this year to help and that means rabbit rescuers and educators are making an impact. One example of good press was an article in the New York Daily News at this link. They published this adorable photo with a story featuring three young rescued bunnies who make their home at Sequin, a bunny-friendly jewelry company  in midtown. Both Cindy Stutts and Mary Cotter of  Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, the New York City chapter of the House Rabbit Society were interviewed for the article.  Nice!