Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Man Surrenders 63 Rabbits to Shelters

It seems a man bought two rabbits at a pet store three years ago.  The male and female rabbits began breeding and 63 rabbits later, he has surrendered them to the Boston (48 rabbits) and Methuen (15 rabbits) adoption centers. The adoption centers already had 60 rabbits waiting for adoption to permanent homes. It is sad (for the rabbits) the man didn't understand about "Neuter Spay" certainly after the first litter. The pet store should have educated their customers about the breeding capacities of rabbits. Better yet, the pet store should have neutered and spayed the rabbits before they sold a breeding pair of rabbits to anyone. Somebody should have done the math. The good news is even though  occasionally a large surrender to shelters like this occurs, it is fairly rare in these high numbers. Plus, there are more good people educating the public about rabbits than just a few years ago.  (Poster of multiplying rabbits by Ramsey Sibaja.)