Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Harvey Wins "Hutch is Not Enough" Contest

Harvey's Winning Photo
A 10 year old bunny from Godalming (UK) won a nationwide contest out of 1,700 photo entries for the RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund) 'Hutch is Not Enough" Campaign.  Harvey's human,  Martyn Hoyle says the rabbit is house trained, has his own room to relax in during the day and has full reign of the house when Mr. Hoyle is home.  "We all truly believe that a hutch is not enough and that rabbits should not be kept by themselves in a tiny hutch all day with no space to stretch and exercise, and no other bunny or human for company," Mr Hoyle said. Harvey has his own Facebook page and is also building up a good number of followers on his Twitter account.  Harvey looks like a perfect hoppy spokesbunny for "Hutch is Not Enough" campaign. (Photo credit: Surrey online)

Hopperhome is an advocate for "house" rabbits. See flyer listing 10 reasons Not to house a rabbit in a hutch. While I realize lots of hutch bunnies do live long lives with plenty of attention, too many are forgotten except for a daily feeding. After all, my cats and dog live in the house and, my rabbits deserve the same accommodations and room service.