Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bunny People are the Best including Beatrice Potter

A four-page letter from Beatrice Potter to one of her young fans gives some insight to the author herself and how she was "inundated with requests from youngsters to name characters after their pets." The letter to a young girl named, Phyllis, says that the writer (Miss Potter) receives "‘heaps of letters’ from fans wanting their pets mentioned in her celebrated tales, including a pet crocodile." Phyllis had wanted her pet rabbit Fluffy in a story. The letter to Phyllis was dated January 21, 1912 and came to light at auction. It was heartwarming to see how kind the famous author was when she wrote at the end, ‘I feel quite sad to disappoint you - I have begun another book about the fox! If I can do another book that Fluffy can come into - I promise to.’ See letter and original article.