Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Auto Mall Owners & Rabbitats Canada Team Up

The Vancouver Sun reported last Sunday that the "owners of the Richmond Auto Mall have paired with an animal welfare group to try to find a humane way to get rid of roughly 300 rabbits that have been hopping around the area for the past three years."  Auto mall customers enjoy the rabbits, but they are eating through the landscaping and much too close to a high traffic highway. The manager said the "Owners of the auto mall want to do the right thing - these rabbits have a lot of fans." Rabbitats Canada, a volunteer-run animal welfare group that sterilizes, contains and controls feral rabbit colonies across the province are helping with the effort.  I have to agree with Sorelle Saidman of Rabbitats Canada when she said ". . . these rabbits are so far from wildlife it's ridiculous, even multi-generations down the road they are pets. Having a feral colony of rabbits is like having a feral colony of poodles." I had two rabbits who would qualify as "feral poodles" and they were the best house bunnies ever. See full article at this link.