Friday, March 16, 2012

Theft of Soho Bunny Inhumane for Bonded Pair of Rabbits

UPDATE: Miss Cooper was dropped off at the first precinct stationhouse just after midnight, police and the store owners said. She has returned to her pen in the front of the store with her bunny friend, Jack.  “I always make a point of walking by and waving at the rabbits,” said renowned journalist Carl Bernstein, who visited the shop Saturday after he read of the bunny-napping in the Daily News.
“I’m glad it’s going to be a happy ending.”  Good News for everyone especially the rabbits.

Earlier this week a rabbit called Miss Cooper, who lives by day in the window of a SoHo clothing boutique was stolen leaving, Jack, her bonded bunny friend alone.  Both bunnies are popular with Alexander Berardi NY’s clientele including model Christy Turlington and actress Jane Krakowski.  
The thieves are thought to be a couple who had regularly visited the store and have petted the bunnies on several occasions. According to one of the store owners, "A lot of people come to see the bunnies, though, so it didn't seem out of the ordinary."
What the thieves may not realize is the theft of one rabbit puts both rabbits in jeopardy. It is cruel to separate a bonded pair of rabbits since it can be life threatening for one or both of the bunnies.  Domesticated rabbits are highly social herd animals and they bond for life. Miss Cooper will be in a new environment with strangers and also stressed by the absence of her bonded rabbit friend.  The other rabbit, Jack, may also exhibit stress from the separation.  Stress can cause lethargy and loss of appetite.  It is a very short process from this to GI Stasis which is potentially fatal. Both may need immediate veterinary care if they exhibit symptoms.  I never separate bonded rabbit pairs.  Sometimes when one rabbit of a bonded pair passes away the remaining rabbit has a very difficult time recovering from the other’s death.  If Miss Cooper’s abductors are not experienced with rabbits, she may not survive.  I doubt the thieves who stole Miss Cooper know or care how their actions will hurt both rabbits, or they wouldn't have snatched the rabbit in the first place. However, if they care for Miss Cooper (and Jack) at all, they must return her home very soon.  
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