Monday, March 12, 2012

People Magazine Features Shakira's New Bunnies

Pop singer Shakira hopped on the bunny band wagon this spring and introduced two new pets on Twitter this week. "Meet our baby bunnies," she tweeted (@shakira), sharing several pictures of the two little Lionhead rabbits. Every so often a celebrity buys a bunny just before Easter and it's featured in the media. Just a couple of years ago Paris Hilton purchased two "Easter" rabbits in Beverly Hills.  Unfortunately,  a celebrity who buys a rabbit this close to Easter can send the wrong message to the public about giving live bunnies as gifts this time of year - no matter how well-intentioned. Hundreds (if not thousands) of rabbits are purchased on a whim every Easter and abandoned a few months later. It would be fantastic if Shakira and other celebrities who love rabbits would promote adoption of former Easter rabbits year around. They could help hundreds of rabbits needing homes. I wish Shakira all the best with her two new bunny friends. (Photo via People Magazine)