Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Following the White Rabbit: Flopsy Parker

About a dozen years ago a small lop bunny I named Groucho (along with Spice, Xena & Angel) inspired me to start Hopperhome.com.  Likewise, Flopsy Parker, a sweet Lionhead breed bunny (pictured) was an inspiration for Gretta Parker.  I was sad to learn this adorable rabbit who touched people all over the world passed away in late December. (He succumbed suddenly from a congenital kidney defect.) Many of us knew Flopsy through his Facebook page Gretta started after she adopted him for $7.50 from a local shelter. Flopsy promoted rabbit adoption and Gretta also started Baskets for Bunnies, Inc. a non-profit that sends supplies to rabbit rescues on a monthly basis.  She also successfully started "Toys for Hops" a program to raise toys to send to shelter rabbits in conjunction with the rabbit toy company Pet Rabbit Toys. This small rabbit was a big inspiration.  For more on a book Gretta wrote as a tribute to Flopsy see: The Easter Bunny That Grew Up.