Thursday, March 15, 2012

Filming at Zoo Takes Tragic Turn for Bunny

This morning I read the story online about a little bunny unintentionally crushed by a clumsy camerman's misstep. Unfortunately, it seems no one at the Limbach-Oberfrohna Zoo in eastern Germany knew where their star attraction was when this accident happened. Officials were about to introduce Til, a three-week old earless rabbit to the news media. Most of the articles say the camerman who came to film the rabbit simply took a step back and instantly killed Til. It was also reported the camerman as "distraught." I am sure it was an accident, but I was disgusted at the completely senseless stupidity of the incident.  I have house rabbits and they are hopping around my home, but in all these years I have never stepped on a rabbit. I have to wonder why the TV crew and any zoo staff present were not alert to the rabbit's whereabouts. Granted, my  rabbits have a tendency to get underfoot too easily, but I'm the much larger human so it's my responsibility to watch out for them. The adorable bunny in Germany was the reason for the media visit.  I assume the cameraman was preoccupied with setting up his equipment and had no awareness of the animal in their shared space. This wasn't a 400 pound Gorilla sitting in the room with them, instead it was a baby bunny small enough to hold in one hand. By virture of his fragility,  Til deserved much more attention. Now he has everyone's attention and it is very sad.