Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ultimate Fighter Shows Gentle Side with a Rabbit

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg did a photo shoot for ESPN The Magazine last month featuring UFC fighter Jon Jones. She says on her website that it was "one of the most fun shoots I’ve worked on recently. The [ESPN] article is about how since these fighters are essentially lethal weapons, they have to keep their skills pretty much hidden…except when necessary. So we wanted to show him in a more gentle, pensive light." Below is one of the outtakesfrom the shoot featuring Jon smiling at a baby bunny. Very sweet. Rabbits always make people look good! 
Jon doesn't need help to be one of the good guys even if he and the bunny look terrific together. Jon came upon a woman recently whose GPS had been stolen from her car. He and his coaches chased down and subdued the perpetrator–at the risk of his upcoming fight (had he become injured). (Photo credit: Elizabeth Weinberg)