Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colorado House Rabbit Society Educator Featured in Southwest Art Magazine

My twin sister, Bonnie loves art and we both love bunnies so I was thrilled when she shared the article in Southwest Art Magazine about artist Beverly Endsley. Beverly happens to be an avid rabbit rescuer and an Educator with the House Rabbit Society.  Rabbits lounge in her Colorado studio and her first art models were a pair of white rescue rabbits according to the article. It's obvious the rabbits inspire Beverly since her art truly captures their personalities. Plus, she finds the time to share her knowledge as an educator with the Colorado House Rabbit Society.  She takes bunnies to the local television stations for interviews and to educate the public. With her husband, Beverly has 10 “special needs” rabbits and keeps the ones who are not adoptable.  (Read full article at this Link) (Photo credit: Southwest Magazine)

Southwest Magazine also has a sweepstakes featuring one of Beverly's beautiful rabbit paintings (see below).  Hey, I already entered myself.  You can enter at this Link.