Thursday, February 2, 2012

Canmore Feral Rabbit Rescue Just Beginning

The long process to find a resolution to the feral rabbit issue in Canmore (Alberta, Canada) has been frustrating, but fortunately (for the rabbits) a nonlethal solution was reached.  The community has  started trapping its feral rabbits and is turning them over to a rescue group, EARS (Earth Anaimal Rescue Society).  The town has approximately 2,000 rabbits to remove, that's one for every six people in the town of 12,000.  According to EARS, 35 rabbits are at a temporary facility where they will be sterilized and then will be released to the sanctuary. Enough funds have been donated to save 175 rabbits ($17,000).  A quick calculation and it's obvious will take a lot more money to save the rest of those bunnies.  Rabbits like the ones pictured below from Canmore. There's plenty of need to help rabbits  in my own community, but my check for Canmore bunnies has been sent. Link to Donate

(Photo credit: Brandon Sun)