Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bunny Love on Valentine's Day

After reading the article by Cara Stefchak who revealed the identity of her cute and fuzzy Valentine’s date, Pancake, (a Flemish Giant Rabbit), I totally agree with everything she says.  I'm in bunny love, too. I have been for a long time. In fact, my relationships with rabbits have outlived men and cats. Right now I share my home with a male Holland lop who came to live with me when a friend could no longer keep him. He's not bonding with the female rabbits yet. It seems he has a crush on me. Last night he firmly nudged one of my cats out of the way so he could get his pets. So this year I won't be going out to a fancy dinner with my Valentine, because he hates car rides, constantly twitches his nose when he's nervous and he would rather share a salad at home.

By the way, you can learn a lot about romance from a rabbit.  See Rosemary Rabbit's Rules of Romance (Photo credit: Temple News - Cara Stefchak and Pancake)