Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 Year Old Rabbit isn't an Outlaw

Rocky the rabbit won't be taken away from his home in bunny handcuffs anytime soon. In Sidney, BC a resident has the town taking a second look at its bylaw that bans rabbits so companion rabbits and their humans aren’t breaking the law. The “lack of cleanliness” (the smell particularly)  and fear of farming operations in town prompted the original ordinance banning rabbits.  However, officials said, “We don’t go after the person that has a little pet bunny in the back yard.” Though 12 year old Rocky (pictured rabbit) technically isn’t allowed in Sidney, “the town is not in the business of forcing people to get rid of their pets. The rabbit’s been here a long time. There’s no reason why he should move.” Thanks to the Sidney Bylaw Officer for letting Rocky continue to enjoy his rabbit retirement on beautiful Vancouver Island.  (Photo credit: Peninsula News Review)