Friday, January 6, 2012

Snow White Missing in Dubai

Snow White is a rabbit (see photo on right) and he is missing in Dubai. Yes, Dubai - about as far away from my home in the Pacific Northwest (US) in culture and distance as you can get.  However, after reading the article about the rabbit in the Gulf News by Imran Kazmi, I know we have a lot in common - we both love our rabbits.  The article says "Snow White is very friendly. There is hardly a visitor who hasn't been touched by his human affinity and playfulness.  At night we cuddle him and keep him warm and cozy. Additionally, we don't feed him anything but hay and fresh green vegetables or grass. I don't know where he is and how he is faring, I can only hope and pray that he's alive and happy." I am sure rabbits are not common companion animals in Dubai since I rarely read about stories about them from this part of the world.  So Snow White would surely stand out if he were hopping around in another yard.  I hope Imran finds the rabbit, because the pain of losing a pet is universal.  (If anyone happens to live in Dubai and sees the bunny contact