Tuesday, January 17, 2012

72 Abandoned Rabbits in Monterey County California

Yikes! 72 rabbits were abandoned in a field in Monterey County near a dump. Just look at this herd of beautiful bunnies who deserve a chance including chocolate point Californian and classic white New Zealands breeds plus some with variations of lovely agouti (brown) fur. The good people at Animal Friends Rescue Project are helping Monterey Couny Animal Services with the rescue and veterinarians from Monterey Avian and Exotic Clinic will donate spay/neuter surgeries to get the bunnies ready adoption. So if you live in this part of California help is urgently needed for foster homes, families to adopt and donations. You can contact AFRP Volunteer Coordinator (Lisa) at lisabunnybuns@aol.com.  Donations to assist with the rabbits can be made at www.animalfriendsrescue.org mention Marina Rabbits. Photo by AFRP.