Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Think Twice Before Buying a Rabbit as a Gift

Lisa Reemer, Founder of the No Splitting Hares Bunny Rescue, was interviewed recently for an article in the Algonquin Patch. She rescues rabbits, as well as hamsters and guinea pigs, year around in Algonquin, IL. Over the past week she has had more pickups of unwanted rabbits than ever before from shelters who are euthanizing soon. Reemer, and her 17 volunteers, cover two counties to bring theses bunnies back to Reemer's farmhouse, where she shelters more than 250 animals and works to place them in adoptive homes. The article discusses the commitment of keeping a rabbit and why rabbits (and any other animal for that matter) do not make good "gifts" at the holidays. (Also, I have a list on Hopperhome with several reasons not to give a rabbit as a gift at this Link.) The No Splitting Hares Bunny Rescue has many, many beautiful rabbits available for adoption on www.Petfinder.com and pictured are two adorable dwarfs ready for adoption.