Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Cruz Rabbit Spay-A-Thon, A Model of Generosity

The Santa Cruz Examiner published a very informative article on the efforts to spay or neuter 32 of the 114 rabbits confiscated several weeks ago from a breeder in Northern California. Organized by Dr. Hilary Stern from Animal Hospital of Soquel and Heather Bechtel, founder of The Rabbit Haven, two other vets also volunteered their services including Dr. Erika Sullenberger from Animal Hospital of Soquel and Dr. Sarah Hawklyn from Aptos-Creekside Pet Hospital. Vet techs also offered their help as well as volunteers from the Santa Cruz shelter and The Rabbit Haven.  To alter 32 rabbits in one day requires coordination of many logistical details. That's a lot of precious bunnies to keep safe and healthy during the surgery process from pre-op preparations to recovery. Considering how easily rabbits can be stressed and what the rabbits had already endured, this Spay-A-Thon was truly a success. It should serve as a model to other animal rescue organizations and shelters faced with altering a high number of animals to enable adoption out to permanent homes.  Read more here. The article also includes a slide show of the Spay-A-Thon.  (Photo credit: The Rabbit Haven)