Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rabbit Rescue Calendars for 2012

The 2011 Year of the Rabbit may be almost over, but for rabbit rescuers every year is a Year of the Rabbit.  A good friend just sent me a rabbit rescue calendar as a Christmas gift (Thanks Karen!).  It is the first one listed here created by the Missouri House Rabbit Society and it’s perfect for one room in my home.  I was inspired to look for more calendars for other rooms so I did a little research online. What a great way help homeless bunnies and get a beautiful calendar, too.  
Below is a selection of rabbit calendars created by rabbit rescue organizations.  I know I may have missed some so if you have a rabbit rescue (anywhere in the world), and a calendar for 2012, email me and I will add it to this post. Click on each rescue name link above each calendar to go to their website to order.