Friday, December 2, 2011

Odd Rabbit News This Week

There were several off the wall news reports related to rabbits this week and here is a sample of just a few of those stories that made the news:

Ruff Three Weeks: A terrier, Bilbo, got stuck in a rabbit warren in the UK for 3 long weeks.  Firefighters told Bilbo’s owners the warren's tunnels would collapse if they tried to dig him out so they waited until the dog made his own way out.  After 20 days, the poor pup had lost enough weight to squeeze out of the tight spot. Fortunately, it is reported Bilbo is doing fine now.  Rabbit warrens can be as deep as 9 ft. and are dug primarily by females. A few years ago I heard about one single warren in Europe that was home to 450 rabbits and had 2,000 entrances.

Cat Flap: Also, in the UK, the beautiful Angora rabbit pictured on the right was brought home by a cat.  The feline dragged the bunny right through the cat flap and gave him to his humans as a present.  Luckily, the rabbit was examined by a vet afterwards and was not physically hurt. Although, I wonder if rabbits have their own form of PSTD or at the very least a ‘cat phobia” after a close encounter like this. Attempts are being made to find the rabbit’s previous home.
Braking for Bunnies: I brake for rabbits, but a woman in Oklahoma swerved her truck to avoid a rabbit that ran into the road and crashed her vehicle.  She was 132 ft. off the road and struck a metal culvert.  She is okay.  The bunny did make it across the road.

Amazing Hop: In case you missed it last week, the CBS TV Show, Amazing Racing featured "Kaninhop" (rabbit agility obstacle races) in Denmark for Episode 8. Teams set-up the obstacle course and chose a rabbit. One team picked out Hopper to run their course. Hopper was good, but he knocked over one of the obstacles. The team tried another rabbit named Speckles who jumped through the course perfectly. Afterwards, Bill exclaimed, "Oh Speckles, we’re gonna take you home!” A competing team member, Marcus gave a pep talk to his rabbit, telling it, "I’ve had a frustrating day. Right now you can really help my frustration, okay?” The rabbit probably doesn't understand English being from Denmark, but the bunny gracefully hopped over the obstacles. An appreciative Marcus professed his love for the bunny. The rabbit had put Marcus' team in fourth place. 
Chicken or Rabbit: An eight month old rabbit in Finland was a free gift with a farmer’s purchase of chickens. The farmer said, "When I went to the hen house, I noticed he was sitting on the eggs. Later I watched through the window how he jumped on the beam, failed, tried again and with a lot of practice eventually he stayed up there." He also “sits on the beam between the hens and under their wings." Everyone says the rabbit thinks he’s a chicken.  Maybe the bunny hasn’t had a chance to be a rabbit, or perhaps he is simply being himself with his feathered friends.  Most domesticated rabbits will bond with other animals so his behavior is very rabbit-like.