Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy New Year to Bob Barker & Mr. Rabbit

The Washington Post featured an article about celebrity pets and New Year's Resolutions. Here is what retired game show host Bob Barker’s has to say about his 8-year-old rabbit, Mr. Rabbit. The bunny already follows Barker around the house “helping me in every way he can.” If Barker could ask for more, it would be “to use his box every time, not just when it’s convenient.”
And Mr. Rabbit’s resolution for Barker? What else? “To continue urging folks to have their pets spayed and neutered — including rabbits.” Now about that litter issue . . . maybe some nice botanical hay in the litter box . . .
Thanks to Bob and Mr. Rabbit for saying exactly the right thing to help rabbits!  (Photo credit: Washington Post)