Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rabbit Makes a Statement on Law Journal Cover

The Oregon Law Journal just published their new issue yesterday and a white rabbit graced the front cover (pic on right). The issue featured an article about the work of the Oregon Humane Society in Portland. I am originally from Portland and proud they have a very active house rabbit community. The Rabbit Advocates were originally part of the OHS and became a separate nonprofit entity back in 2002. They are a very dynamic organization with activities for rabbit lovers every month.  The Oregon House Rabbit Society chapter also operates a sanctuary.  Both of these organizations have volunteers who work tirelessly to educate the public about rabbits and adopt out rabbits. Portland, OR has long been a community of animal lovers, Recently Lewis and Clark College announced it will have the first law school in the world that offers an advanced degree in animal law. By the way, I'd say the jury is in on the photo - that is one beautiful white rabbit. See the Law Journal article here about the humane society. (Photo credit: Oregon Law Journal)