Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hero Bunny Saves Girl's Life

Tonight it was reported in the Central Coast News that a bunny alerted a girl's mother to a potentially life threatening medical emergency. Not once, but twice. The Hudgens family is fostering, Hammie, who is a 7 month old rabbit.  Hammie started thumping at 2:00 am one morning and Aundrea Hudgens went to her daughter's room to see what all the commotion was about. The girl, Emily, has type one diabetes and her blood sugar had fallen dangerously low.  According to the article, normally Emily wakes up when this occurs.  The other interesting part of the story was that Hammie did not stop thumping until Hudgens was able to treat her daughter.  Only then did the bunny calm down. Hammie also sensed it another time two weeks later and again alerted Emily's mother. Hammie definitely knows when Emily is in distress and this behavior has been seen in other companion animals including other rabbits. If I were the Hudgens, I'd adopt Hammie the Hero Bunny. See video and full story about Hammie at this Link