Monday, November 21, 2011

Dozens of White Rabbits Abandoned in Colorado

Over 60 white rabbits were dumped by someone on a roadside in Colorado Springs, CO. (Pictured screen clip of rabbits on right). KKTV 11 News went out to the site to report and is offering information on caring for rabbits and how to adopt them their website. They also had a guest on air the next morning to discuss rabbit care if someone rescued one of the bunnies.  The rabbits were rescued in the middle of the night by many good samaritans who came out to help. It was dark, cold and people showed up and helped gather up the rabbits on a rocky hillside.
KKTV 11 News reported they "contacted the local humane society to notify them about the situation, but they said they couldn't send someone out to get the rabbits until Monday." The TV station is investigating who dumped the beautifully classic white domesticated rabbits.
The State of Colorado: Animal Protection Act 8-9-202 Cruelty to Animals includes abandonment for this type of crime. It certainly is a crime. These rabbits would not have lasted the night. The area is known for its coyotes, bears, birds of prey and foxes.   See several videos on the story at this Link.  All of the kind people who went out to save those rabbits deserve a big thank you!