Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Victoria Secret Model Visits Pumpkin Patch Bunnies

Victoria Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter were featured in several photos in a Daily Mail online article enjoying the rabbits at a Santa Monica; pumpkin patch. Mom has a good grip on the bunny, but the other rabbit looked less than thrilled with 3 year old's cuddling. Certainly young children are drawn to hold soft, furry rabbits, but it isn't safe. Rabbits have sharp teeth, strong legs made to kick and most don't tolerate sudden movements or being picked up especially repeatedly.  For the rabbit, it would only take being dropped once to fracture their fragile backbone.  A family visit to a pumpkin patch with a bunny petting area might mean patching up the kid, a rabbit or both. (Photo credit: 

By the way, there is a good article on Children & Rabbits at the House Rabbit Society website. For a yearly holiday visit with rabbits considering having an adult hold the rabbit securely so the child can gently pet it or simply get down on the ground at "rabbit level" to interact. Let your child know that poking, chasing or being too noisey scares rabbits.