Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parody of Kid's Cereals, Right for Rabbits, Too!

Artist Ron English created a series of parody cereal boxes that were covertly placed on shelves at a Ralph’s grocery store in Venice, CA. One of them is a well known cereal with a rabbit character.  The one pictured on the far left might be targeted at kids, but those of us feeding our rabbits should beware, too.  It says "Obese Bunny Trix the Kids" and "Healthy Rabbits Don't Eat Trix."  The latter is absolutely true because healthy rabbits should never be fed cereals intended for humans. Cereals aren't healthy for rabbits and it doesn't matter what brand or type.  Most are high in sugar which upsets the balance of good bacteria in a rabbit's cecum and serious digestive problems will ensue aside from the weight gain. A small bit of carrot or apple is a much better treat.