Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Matisse Drew Rabbits into Fine Art

Most of us associate fine art and rabbits with the wonderful, realistic painting, "A Young Hare," by Albrecht Durer,  However, it seems Henry Matisse also appreciated rabbits as illustrated by an original lithograph published in 1950 as part of a limited edition book of poetry called, "Poèmes de Charles d'Orléans."  The poetry of the 15th century writer must have inspired Matisse. He illustrated the book with carefree, light drawings using children's crayons. The drawing featuring bunnies is called, "A Family of Rabbits." As one art curator said, "it shows how the artist could produce such a playful, delightful image that so clearly shows his love of the natural world."  You can see the Matisse lithographs at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool England now until April 15, 2012. Even though I won't make to the UK to see the drawing in person, I can see Matisse enjoyed the fanciful grace of rabbits.  I'm pretty sure that's a "binky" hop on the right side of the drawing.