Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fluffy Bunny Tea Party Card Game

In searching for rabbit related items on the web, I found this game on Kickstarter - a site for funding all kinds of creative projects (not fundraising).  What a great idea.  But what I liked most were the sweet illustrations recalling the Beatrice Potter Peter Rabbit series (pictured on left).  The video promoting the game includes a photo of a real grumpy bunny.  Nice touch. The creator must have found his inspiration somewhere with a real rabbit.  Even though Kickstarter isn't for fundraising, the ideas are inspirational for someone who might want to pursue a creative project through another avenue.  This Fluffy Bunny Tea Party Card Game received almost $1,000 more than the $4,400 goal for the project. Somebody out there is interested in rabbits or card games or maybe both.