Monday, October 3, 2011

Feral Rabbit Control at Long Beach City College Hops to it!

According to the LA Times, two years ago Long Beach City College had a population of 300 abandoned pet rabbits. They faced attacks by territorial rabbits and became prey for a variety of predators.  But an instructor, Donna Prindle, chose to help and  leads the humane effort with a Rabbit Population Control Task Force, formed in 2009. The rabbits are not exterminated, but instead are rounded up, neutered/spayed and made available for adoption. An impressive 236 rabbits have found new homes.  "I walked by them for 30 years and I was ignorant of what was going on," Prindle said. "I couldn't sit by and not do anything."  The plan is working with only six new bunnies  found since August.  
The success of the program is also attributed to continual education efforts. Strategically placed signs warn would be rabbit dumpers that "no bunny wants to be a college drop-off." Plus, it is accompanied by a  warning that abandoning a rabbit carries a $500 fine or six months in jail. So far, no one has been caught according to officials. Sometimes it only takes one person like Donna who is willing to take action and motiviate others to join in to help animals. (Donna Prindle pictured above with an abandoned bunny - Photo Credit: Luis Sinco, LA Times)