Monday, October 31, 2011

Bunny Beauty Pagent Winner in UK

A photogenic rabbit from Birmingham, UK was selected as Britain’s Cutest Bunny and will appear on the packaging for a rabbit feed. The winner, Binky, is a 4 month old lop. Britain’s Cutest Bunny attracted a bevy of bunnies - 812 entrants, with over 10,000 people interacting with a special Facebook application produced by Supreme, a rabbit food company. I have no doubt all 812 entrants were just as cute as Binky. My local feed store where I buy my bales of hay may not sponsor beauty pagents, but I'm sure a cute bunny contest would get just as much attention in the US.  All rabbits deserve a winner's ribbon. Photo Credit: Supreme Petfoods  (Hopperhome is reporting the story and has no affiliation with Supreme.)