Monday, September 26, 2011

A Silver Lining: Bunny Breaks Leg, Becomes Shop’s Mascot

In Gatlinburg, TN a small Dutch Rabbit enjoys three days of attention, not at home, but at Arrowcraft, the Shops of the Southern Highland Art Guild. Silver, a 5 1/2-year-old house bunny belongs to Laurel Kiewitt, a full-time employee at the store who has three free roaming house rabbits and a cat. About a year ago, Kiewitt came home to find that Silver had somehow injured himself, breaking his back left leg. After a trip to the vet Silver wore a cast for a few weeks, but it didn't heal correctly and the next option was amputation at the knee.  Both Laurel and her co-workers were awaiting the outcome of the surgery. Laurel had brought Silver with her to work every day to make sure that he didn’t injure himself further, chew his sutures and to administer the medication he was prescribed. Silver made it through surgery just fine and still enjoys all the attention at the store.  At Arrowcraft, Silver is “king of the throne here, and he knows it,” said  one of the bunny’s best fans. “A day without Silver is a day without sunshine.” Article (Photo: Mountain Press)