Friday, September 23, 2011

Rabbits Left Behind when Woman Moved

According to newspapers in Scotland, a young mother recently "abandoned two pet rabbits in filthy conditions without food and water when she moved." Fortunately, someone informed the Scottish SPCA who found two "thin rabbits in a cage unprotected from the weather."  This is a problem everywhere especially now that people are experiencing foreclosures and tough times in a long recession.  Animals of all kinds are left abandoned locked in homes, or cages and even dogs are being found tied up in a backyard without any protection from the elements after their families move away. 

Mother in court for abandoning pet rabbits when she moved homeThe young woman who ended up in court in Scotland was described as "still young with an 18-month-old daughter with brain damage and, also a five-week-old son."  The rabbits had been bought by a former partner and he was gone. In this case, the judge imposed a disqualification order  so the woman does not own or keep animals for five years as punishment. To me, punishment is an "after the fact" deterent, but certainly appropriate. The bigger issue is making it ethically (if not morally) unacceptable in all societies/cultures for people to turn their backs on the responsibility to behave humanely toward animals in their care.  It's going to continue to take education, teaching by example, effective ordinances/punishments and providing lot more resources. Not an easy task. Plus, it is disheartening to read the frequent stories of animal abandonment.  Yet, looking at that rabbit's face (above) make it all the more reason to persevere.