Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leona Lewis Features Bunny in Video

Back in 2009 singer-songwriter Leona Lewis paid $100 to save a rabbit from ending up as a  man's dinner and took it home as her new pet.  According to media reports, the vegetarian X Factor winner was in Los Angeles when she saw the rabbit on a lead with a homeless man. When she asked what he was going to do with the rabbit he told her, "Don't know — probably eat it." (This type of street con using animals needs to be stopped.) The man asked her for $20 and she gave him a hundred dollars.  She told him to buy food with the rest even though according to news reports she thought his claim about making the bunny "dinner" might be a deception.  She took the bunny home and named it Melrose after the street where she found it.  Recently she made a video called "Making My Album - Part 1" which features a snuggle with the rabbit about 30 seconds into the video.  I admit I wasn't familiar with her music, but I'm a Leona Lewis fan now.