Friday, September 16, 2011

Bunnies are Winners!

A bunny hopped its way into the hearts of readers as part of a Swindon Advertiser Newspaper contest and won the crown of Swindon’s Best Pet 2011. (Swindon is about 80 miles east of London). A 10-month-old mini-lop, Maria, was chosen over a chicken, a donkey, two cats, several dogs and a hamster. Her owners, Tracy Allen and James Best, bought her as their first pet after they moved in together a year ago and said they are delighted that she has won.
They have had Maria since she was just 12 weeks old. They decided to enter the competition after seeing it publicized in the paper but were not expecting to win . . .We thought it would be just a bit of fun to enter, I never thought we would end up winning it,” said James. “She is very cute, so I think that has probably got something to do with her winning."  Just take a look above.  By the way, these pet contests in the US, UK or anywhere in the world sometimes introduce a newspaper's readership to rabbits as companion animals for the first time.  They are surprised to see the rabbits, but intriqued perhaps enough to look into adopting a bunny.  Everyone ends up a winner including the rabbits.