Monday, September 26, 2011

Motorcycle Riding Lagomorph Sculpture

This past summer the University of Maine hosted an exhibition called "Critters."  The exhibit included a standout entry of a motorcycle riding rabbit called, "Duster" by sculpture Andy Rosen:

A Silver Lining: Bunny Breaks Leg, Becomes Shop’s Mascot

In Gatlinburg, TN a small Dutch Rabbit enjoys three days of attention, not at home, but at Arrowcraft, the Shops of the Southern Highland Art Guild. Silver, a 5 1/2-year-old house bunny belongs to Laurel Kiewitt, a full-time employee at the store who has three free roaming house rabbits and a cat. About a year ago, Kiewitt came home to find that Silver had somehow injured himself, breaking his back left leg. After a trip to the vet Silver wore a cast for a few weeks, but it didn't heal correctly and the next option was amputation at the knee.  Both Laurel and her co-workers were awaiting the outcome of the surgery. Laurel had brought Silver with her to work every day to make sure that he didn’t injure himself further, chew his sutures and to administer the medication he was prescribed. Silver made it through surgery just fine and still enjoys all the attention at the store.  At Arrowcraft, Silver is “king of the throne here, and he knows it,” said  one of the bunny’s best fans. “A day without Silver is a day without sunshine.” Article (Photo: Mountain Press)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rabbit Fur Poster Illustrates Cruelty

Emma Napier in the UK designed this poster as her Postive Poster 2011 entry.  Here's what she said about it:
"At first glance, you may think this poster is advertising a designer coat but if you look closer, it is made out of hand illustrated bunny rabbits. The underlying approach was to have the audience look deeper and realise that the coat is made up of bunnies, the same way a fur coat is. The style is rather elegant until you realise it is quite horrific and graphic just like the hidden methods which are used to make a fur coat." 

Flood Float Trip Ends Well for Three Rabbits

"We got three rabbits that were floating down the river," according to Marge Bart of Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge.  These were the bunnies who were almost victims of the devastating floods in northeastern Pennsylvania recently. The no-kill animal refuge in Dallas, PA was started by Marge Bart who started rescuing animals more than 10 years ago at her home.  See the video that shows the rescued animals including those flood rafting rabbits at this Link. (Pictured: one of the former floating rabbits)

Rabbits Left Behind when Woman Moved

According to newspapers in Scotland, a young mother recently "abandoned two pet rabbits in filthy conditions without food and water when she moved." Fortunately, someone informed the Scottish SPCA who found two "thin rabbits in a cage unprotected from the weather."  This is a problem everywhere especially now that people are experiencing foreclosures and tough times in a long recession.  Animals of all kinds are left abandoned locked in homes, or cages and even dogs are being found tied up in a backyard without any protection from the elements after their families move away. 

Mother in court for abandoning pet rabbits when she moved homeThe young woman who ended up in court in Scotland was described as "still young with an 18-month-old daughter with brain damage and, also a five-week-old son."  The rabbits had been bought by a former partner and he was gone. In this case, the judge imposed a disqualification order  so the woman does not own or keep animals for five years as punishment. To me, punishment is an "after the fact" deterent, but certainly appropriate. The bigger issue is making it ethically (if not morally) unacceptable in all societies/cultures for people to turn their backs on the responsibility to behave humanely toward animals in their care.  It's going to continue to take education, teaching by example, effective ordinances/punishments and providing lot more resources. Not an easy task. Plus, it is disheartening to read the frequent stories of animal abandonment.  Yet, looking at that rabbit's face (above) make it all the more reason to persevere.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hero Rabbit Saves Woman & Daughter from House Fire

In Ketchikan, Alaska Fire officials say a pet rabbit woke its owner because the house was on fire. It allowed the woman and her daughter to get safely out of the burning home. Tragically the rabbit did not survive and died from smoke inhalation. The bunny had woken the woman up by scratching her chest and  the woman saw the house was full of smoke. She rushed to get her daughter out, but the rabbit was left behind in the confusion. Fire officials say pets often find their own way out of a burning building but not this time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bunnies are Winners!

A bunny hopped its way into the hearts of readers as part of a Swindon Advertiser Newspaper contest and won the crown of Swindon’s Best Pet 2011. (Swindon is about 80 miles east of London). A 10-month-old mini-lop, Maria, was chosen over a chicken, a donkey, two cats, several dogs and a hamster. Her owners, Tracy Allen and James Best, bought her as their first pet after they moved in together a year ago and said they are delighted that she has won.
They have had Maria since she was just 12 weeks old. They decided to enter the competition after seeing it publicized in the paper but were not expecting to win . . .We thought it would be just a bit of fun to enter, I never thought we would end up winning it,” said James. “She is very cute, so I think that has probably got something to do with her winning."  Just take a look above.  By the way, these pet contests in the US, UK or anywhere in the world sometimes introduce a newspaper's readership to rabbits as companion animals for the first time.  They are surprised to see the rabbits, but intriqued perhaps enough to look into adopting a bunny.  Everyone ends up a winner including the rabbits. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beyond the Binky - New Calendar of Bunnies Dancing

The Mail Online in the UK posted a photo essay  from a new calendar called "Strictly Bunny" showing two rabbits in some highly "photoshopped" dance moves.  I think my own rabbits' moves are athletic and stylish enough. However, somebody couldn't resist a little computer wizardry and Dancing with the Stars kind of backdrops to show a highly anthropomorphized series of rabbits motion.  It's not exactly a real bunny hop.
See it for yourself at this Link. (Photo from Daily Mail)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photographing a Wild Rabbit

David Woo at Dallas News he was photographing a garden for a story when he was lucky enough to catch this wild rabbit for 3 or 4 photos - Nicely Done!  I have captured a few photos of cottontails myself. The trick is to be very quiet, make sure the camera isn't beeping or whirring away and if all else fails - a long telephoto lens - then be quiet anyway. See rest of photos at this Link. (Photo credit: David Woo, Photographer)

Pet Bunnies Make the Grade at Stetson University

At Stetson University in Deland rabbits and other pets are bringing a bit of joy and calm to students.  According to
Megan Young, one of the coordinators of Housing and Residential Life who oversees residence halls, the university does not rule out the possibility of adding more pet-friendly rooms in the future if the waiting list continues to grow.
"It's really been a great situation," Young said about the high interest by students and success of the pet-friendly hall.
The program helps with retention in allowing students "to feel this is their home as well," Young said.
Interacting with other students with pets also helps students feel like they belong more to a community, she said, and "it helps them mature by taking care of someone other than themselves."
Pictured: Julie Stevens gives her pet rabbit Serafina treats at the pet-friendly Nemec Hall at Steston University in DeLand on Tuesday. (Photo credit: N-J | Peter Bauer)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leona Lewis Features Bunny in Video

Back in 2009 singer-songwriter Leona Lewis paid $100 to save a rabbit from ending up as a  man's dinner and took it home as her new pet.  According to media reports, the vegetarian X Factor winner was in Los Angeles when she saw the rabbit on a lead with a homeless man. When she asked what he was going to do with the rabbit he told her, "Don't know — probably eat it." (This type of street con using animals needs to be stopped.) The man asked her for $20 and she gave him a hundred dollars.  She told him to buy food with the rest even though according to news reports she thought his claim about making the bunny "dinner" might be a deception.  She took the bunny home and named it Melrose after the street where she found it.  Recently she made a video called "Making My Album - Part 1" which features a snuggle with the rabbit about 30 seconds into the video.  I admit I wasn't familiar with her music, but I'm a Leona Lewis fan now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Red Rabbit in Sacramento

A giant red rabbit is hopping into the Sacramento International Airport's new Terminal B, due to open Oct. 6th.  The display of public art in the form of an attention-getting giant red bunny located near baggage claim will be a whopping 56 feet long and 19 feet tall. The rabbit will appear to be leaping into its own suitcase, complete with a  "swirling vortex," suggestive of a rabbit hole. What would really impress me is a big sign near the red rabbit promoting rabbit adoption. There are hundreds of rabbits at rescues nearby waiting for new homes.  Visit the Sacramento House Rabbit Society,  Friends of Unwanted Rabbits, City of Sacramento Animal Services and the Sacramento SPCA  A real red rabbit, Rhett Bunnier (shown above), is a young male Palomino rabbit available for adoption from the Sacramento House Rabbit Society.  Photo below:  Finishing touches being put on the red rabbit sculpted by Lawrence Argent)