Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow 200 Artistic Rabbits in Hong Kong

Check out the page for the "WeWow Rabbit Charity Scheme" - it was organised by the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA). Special needs students from various schools work with HKSEA to design their own plastic rabbits. Using different colours, shapes, and patterns, the students let loose their imagination to create a colony of 30cm-tall rabbits. The Project Officer, said “We used the theme of rabbits because they are smart, energetic and active. We believe participating students have the same qualities, provided that they are given adequate opportunities to express themselves. The students were given plain white rabbits to start off with, resembling a fresh sheet of paper that is free of any creative barriers.” Great fun! They are colorful, bright and I wish I could take the long trip to see them all.