Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Rabbit Stolen from Rescue Center in UK

The journey rabbits must sometimes endure to find safety in a forever home can be full of peril. Last week a baby rabbit was turned over to the RSPCA after being thrown from a car window in the UK. Now one of those babies has been stolen from the animal sanctuary. There were other stories in local newspapers about stolen rabbits this past week. Most of them were rabbits stolen from unattended cages at state and county fairs and this is the first one I have read about taken from a rescue organization recently.
The bunny at the RSPCA was rescued by a kind couple who spotted an adult rabbit and five young bunnies being tossed from a car. Fortunately, the couple managed to capture all the rabbits and took them to the rescue center. Now one has gone missing after two days and he was not old enough to be separated from his mother. The Centre's staff are now worried for the animal’s welfare and are appealing for anyone with any information to contact them. Find contact info here if you live the UK. Of course, there was absolutely no reason to "steal" this rabbit since I am sure the RSPCA would have worked out an adoption when the rabbit was old enough. I hope the little rabbit (pictured) finds its journey ends well in a good home.