Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rabbit Room Service

Patricia O'Donnell, who runs a guesthouse in Edinburgh, UK "almost had a heart attack" when she discovered the uninvited visitor over the weekend. She had entered the room of a family of Chinese tourists to water the flower boxes when she spotted a bunny - complete with hay, bedding and food - relaxing in the shower unit. (See photo of traveling rabbit - very pretty) Ms. O'Donnell called the SSPCA Officers, but when the bunny's family returned they produced a small cage. The
officer told them to take the rabbit to Gorgie City Farm, but they didn't seem interested in that. They checked out.
I have traveled all over the country with 2 to 7 rabbits. I take a small hand vacuum in my suitcase and pack an expandable puppy pen. I don't recommend it, but I admit when I can't find a pet friendly hotel, both my sister and I will sneak rabbits through a hotel lobby. The rabbits are clean and quiet. Plus, no one has ever questioned the room service orders for salads with dressing on the side. (Photo credit: The Telegraph)