Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rabbit Habit - Bunny Makes Home in Convent

WCAX.com reported on a new resident at Our Lady of Providence Convent in Winooski, Vermont. They say that although "life in a convent can be somewhat regimented, a new resident has given some sisters in the convent hours of amusement." The bunny was discovered in the backyard of the convent this spring and they knew it wasn't a wild rabbit so they decided to catch it and bring it in. At first they nicknamed the rabbit, Roger Rabbit, and after a vet exam discovered, he, was a she.
The sisters have renamed her Princess because she loves to sit in the chairs, like a throne. She also likes music. The bunny is litter box trained and lives in one of the common rooms where the sisters can visit any time they want. So it is hard to tell who is getting more out of this arrangement. However, there is no doubt it was devine intervention for Princess, the rabbit. (Photo Credit: Lorraine Bushek, Painting Rabbits on Chairs Series)